Rossville Lions Club

"We Serve"



The Rossville Lions Club has served the Rossville Community for over 25 years.


Rossville Lions Club Officers:

President   Brad Miller

Secretary    Kathryn Mellinger

Treasurer    Ron McMains

For complete list of Directors see Board of Directors



The Rossville Lions Club's Meetings:

First Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Bennett Room at 15 East North Street. (Business meeting)


Third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM

at the Bennett Room at 15 East North Street.

(Dinner meeting)

The next Lions Club meeting is Wednesday, September 17, at the Town Park for our annual family picnic.

Breaking News:


The winners of the 2014 Lions Scholarships are:

  • Robyn Ariel Gillum will attend Canisius College
  • Dillon Michael Lawrence will attend Purdue University
  • Emma Elizabeth Brown will attend Purdue University
  • Amy Kathleen Murphy will attend Purdue University



Congratulations to the winners of the Lions Club Raffle:


    1st Prize: Linda Beard

    2nd Prize: Tom Holden

    3rd Prize: Debbie Niemesh


The Club raised over $2,000 from this event.



Ice Trailer at the Lion's Garage on Friday Sept 12th from 4pm to 10pm proceeds benefit Rossville School Foundation.

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